GCBA Hall of Fame Requirements

The name of this organization shall be known as the Greater Cleveland USBC Bowling Association, The Hall of Fame
Committee shall have full power to act on behalf of the GCBA Board of Directors. The Committee shall supervise the
Greater Cleveland Hall of Fame in such a manner as to assure an active organization serving the purpose for which it
is created.

The purpose of this organization is to perpetuate the names of those persons who have displayed outstanding ability in the
game of Ten Pin or have contributed through meritorious service to the general welfare and progress of the game in
Greater Cleveland.

Selection Committee of the GCBA Hall of Fame shall consist of all Past President plus five (5) members of the Board of
Directors appointed by the President. Also included on the committee, shall be up to (6) active Hall of Famers, who are
not on the board. They shall be elected by the GCBA hall of fame committee each year prior to the selection meeting date.
The President is the chairman of this committee and he will fill all vacancies. The immediate Past President becomes
Co-chairman of this committee.

Nominee’s resumes must be submitted on a form supplied by and sent to the GCBA, 14950 Snow Road, Suite 100 not later
than February 28th of each year. Once a candidate is submitted, he will come up for consideration for five years. If not
elected to the Hall of Fame in that time, his name must be resubmitted or it will be dropped from the list of candidates.
Nominees will be inducted into one of the following categories determined by the board: Performance, Merit or Veteran 55
years and older.

Membership in the GCBA Hall of Fame shall be by election as hereinafter set forth. The selection committee shall present a
selection of candidates and make their recommendation to the Board of Directors at a meeting to be held not later than 90
days from January 1 of each year, unless an emergency arises, then the Board of Directors will set a date.

1. Nominees shall have been a member of the GCBA for a minimum of twenty (20) years.
2. Nominees must have participated in a minimum of ten (10) GCBA Annual City Tournament or its counterpart.
3. Nominees cannot be submitted or elected while on suspension from the USBC (formerly the ABC). When reinstated,
Probation will be 3 years.
4. The above requirements remain subject to waiver by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

If selected, the Hall of Fame Committee will place the candidate in one of the following categories: Performance,
meritorious or veterans, 55 years and older.
All voting will be by secret ballot on an individual basis. It shall take 80% of the members present to gain election. All
members will have one (1) vote each. If no candidate receives 80%, voting shall cease whether a candidate is selected or
not. For election to the GCBA Hall of Fame, the candidate(s) must receive a majority vote of the GCBA Board of Directors.

Suitable awards shall be made to candidates elected to membership in the GCBA Hall of Fame. Awards will be presented
with a fitting ceremony at the Annual Awards Banquet. In the event of posthumous awards, the presentation will be made to
the next of kin.