Duties and Responsibilities

Directors Duties and Responsibilities

1. Regular attendance at Board Meetings
2. Attend committee meetings
3. Present awards
4. Assist working at association tournaments
5. Promote association tournaments
6. Attend the annual awards banquet
7. Attend the workshops (Secretary)

Board meeting attendance

1. Attendance at the August Board meeting is mandatory
2. Directors must notify the GCBA office if they will not be attending any Board meeting.
3. Excused absence from a Board meeting is granted for illness and work only (bowling is not an
excused absence, exception scheduled tournaments may be excusable if prior notice is given.
4. A Director will lose their voting rights if they have two (2) unexcused absences in a four (4) month
5. A Director will be asked to resign if they have three (3) unexcused absences within a twelve (12)
month period.

Committee meeting attendance

1. Directors are to attend all committee meetings for committees they are assigned.
2. A Director who misses two committee meetings with an unexcused absence will be removed from
that committee.

Present Awards

1. Directors must contact the GCBA office at least twice per month to determine if they have awards
to pick up.
2. Awards taken out of the office must be recorded on a log sheet
3. Awards should be presented as soon as possible
4. Record the presented date on the log sheet
5. Log sheets should be turned into the GCBA office by July 31st each year

Assist working all local tournaments

1. Directors are required to work at least two (2) squads at the Mixed tournament and three (3) squads
at the Open Championship and one (1) squad at all other tournaments hosted by the GCBA

Promote all GCBA tournaments

1. Make certain centers you are assigned and bowl in have tournament flyers
2. Make announcements about the upcoming tournaments when presenting awards